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Updates on my writing:

  • I was recently, incredibly, nominated for Journalist / Writer of the year for the National Diversity Awards 2018, which is a huge honour. I didn’t make the shortlist, but am still really grateful for the nomination.
  • Last year I completed my fourth year of NaNoWrimo, which motivates you to write a novel in a month.
  • As I gather a decently sized portfolio together, I’m now reaching out searching for literary agents to represent my work. I’m especially keen to work with agents who are LGBT+ or have a passion for seeing LGBT+ representation happen in the world of literature. Please let me know if you have any contacts or can help me get represented!

My old blog can still be found here!

Finally, here’s a cute little gay poem, just for you:

How Do We Determine Time and Space

How do we determine time and space

Without the objects we use to define them

He asks me, grey eyes sparkling with curiosity

His language is science

But I’m not interested in that

I’m interested in the way

His handsome chin rises, to meet sharp cheekbones

And his eyes, which rest under beautiful black hair

I listen because his voice attracts me

Alluring, in the way that knowledge spills forth

Gracing the world, and me, with its presence

I see him, I love him, I don’t have to understand

How do we determine time and space

Without the objects we use to define them