I’m a professional videographer, photographer, speaker and educator and I’m available to be booked for many sorts of events. Head over to the contact page if you’re interested in working with me! I’ve created video content for Gay Star News, the BBC, PinkNews, Out News Global, The Terrence Higgins Trust, Iris Prize, Superdrug, and more, and I’ve given my YouTube masterclass with Fio’s summer school 2018 and Educate to Celebrate’s Pride Youth Network 2019! In addition to that I have six years of experience working in education as a piano and academic private tutor.

~ Scroll down below for examples of my work in events! ~

My YouTube Masterclass

My YouTube Masterclass is designed for a two hour slot, but I’ve modified it for various settings. It covers everything from the technical side of digital content creation, to the community climate and potential career prospects. I have a specific focus on coming out in the digital space and managing identity online. I’ve had very positive reviews of the class from students and am always available for enquiries.


The Stonewall Workplace Equality Conference 2018

Along with being a speaker, as pictured below, at the 2018 Stonewall Workplace Equality Conference in Cardiff, Wales, I was also hired to cover the event as their professional photographer. I don’t personally have access to the photos I took, so I can’t use them as examples, but you can see samples of similar work at the link above.


The Kinetic School of Performing Arts Re-brand Launch

The Kinetic School of Performing Arts commissioned me to be their videographer for their re-brand launch, as well as to advertise their theatre company to my audience. Below is the video I created to promote their launch.

The Book Launch of YouTuber and Author Olly Pike

I was commissioned by Olly Pike to create the following video, which featured interviews of LGBTQ+ YouTubers and celebrities, as interviewed and filmed by me. The footage you see below was published on the hit media organisation, We The Unicorns.