I’m a producer, presenter, actor, model, and drag artist, and this is my portfolio of my work in digital content, film, and theatre. I’ve been told I’m a natural in front of a camera, and I have a very good on screen presence. I have trained experience as an actor in film and theatre, and presenting is something I have experience with from my YouTube channel and broadcast journalism with the BBC and other media outlets, like Gay Star News and PinkNews. I have a show-reel I’m happy to provide on request, and I have paid professional speaking experience in all of these categories.

Please head over to the contact page for casting & other enquiries!

For the bulk of my digital content check out my YouTube channel! 


Alex Strangelove (2017-18) – Netflix Drama, Myself (personal Story)

Sex Education (2018) – Netflix Drama, Recurrent Student (SA)

The Spanish Princess (2018) – Starz Drama Mini-Series, Pole Servant Boy (SA)

The Melody Film (2017) – Directed by Bernard Kordieh, Drag Queen

Cardiff University (2017-18) – Acting & Modelling (with speaking roles)

Lord of this City (2011-12) – Sam (actor, cast)

BBC Cymru (2018) – Multiple films. Acting, Presenting, and Directing (see below).

Casualty (2018) – Background (SA)

Here, Queer, & Mentally Unclear (2018, Musical Theatre) – Co-Producer, Co-Lead, & Script Adviser.

My IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm5897960/

Digital Content with the BBC & PinkNews: (I’ve worked on quite a few other films as well, these are just the ones in which I was the primary, or one of the primary contributors)

This last video isn’t available to be embed, but you can watch it here – it’s an LGBTQ+ tour of Cardiff and I think it’s a great example of my videography and presenting ability!