Creative Portfolio

This is my creative portfolio – a glimpse into my digital footprint. I live and breathe the creative world, calling myself primarily a content creator and a performer – but to be more specific, I work professionally as a digital content creator, videographer, actor, presenter, producer, model, and voice actor. My work recently got me featured in an art exhibition of ‘Modern LGBTQ+ Pioneers’ and I’ve been named one of the most influential LGBTQ+ persons in Wales in the 2018 Pinc List. My work has been featured on Netflix, the BBC, PinkNews, Gay Star News, The Huffington Post, Queerty, We The Unicorns, TenEighty, and other platforms. Scroll below for examples of my work, professional credits, and performer gallery – or for the bulk of my digital content check out my YouTube channel!

You can also check out my IMDB here, and for my full professional performer credits and gallery, head to the bottom of the page!

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Digital Content (BBC, Gay Star News, PinkNews)

~ This last video isn’t available to be embed, but you can watch it here – it’s an LGBTQ+ tour of Cardiff and I think it’s a great example of my videography and presenting ability! ~

Voice Acting



I worked as a producer, performer, and technician for QUEER WEEK 2019, a Queer Arts Festival celebrating, advocating, and creating space for LGBTQIA+ artists and art. I performed in Here, Queer, & Mentally Unclear as one of the lead performers (as pictured) and also managed most of the PR & brand relations for the festival, as well as doing all of its graphic design.



Alex Strangelove (2017-18) – Netflix Drama, Myself (personal Story)

Here, Queer, & Mentally Unclear (2019) – Mark (Male Lead Actor, Co-Producer, & Script Contributor – Musical Theatre)

BBC Cymru (2018-19) – Multiple films. Acting, Presenting, and Directing (see above)

Diversity Role Models (2019) – Peter (Voice Actor, see above)

Gay Star News (2019) – Presenter (see above)


Sex Education (2018) – Student (Featured SA)

Sex Education Series 2 (2019) – Student (Body Double)

The Melody Film (2017) – Drag Queen (Featured Artist)

Cardiff University (2017-18) – Commercials (Acting, Modelling – Paid / Speaking)

Lord of this City (2011-12) – Sam (Actor, Film)

Good Time (2018) – Charlie (Actor, Film)

English Like A Native (2017) – YouTube Video (Actor, see above)