Français, Faux-Pas, & Fascism – 1 Night in Paris

Last week I got to travel to Paris for work for approximately 32 hours and a single night, and I experienced everything from faux-pas to fascism. It was an adventure I won't soon forget!

Why Do I Talk About Sex On the Internet?

I sometimes get asked or confronted about my desire to, albeit very occasionally, discuss sex on a public format, be that my channel or LGBT+ media. Is it for views? A fetish of mine? Some debaucherous attempt at dismantling the purity in this world? Family, especially, are concerned that discussing such topics publicly could affect [...]

So You Call Yourself A YouTuber?

Hello Beautiful People! I never really thought twice about saying I was a YouTuber. But then, one day, someone, rather spontaneously confessed that they thought me a shallow individual, purely on the basis of that label. If I said I was a YouTuber, I must then also be a shallow fame-seeking money desperate beauty boy [...]