Français, Faux-Pas, & Fascism – 1 Night in Paris

Last week I got to travel to Paris for work for approximately 32 hours and a single night, and I experienced everything from faux-pas to fascism. It was an adventure I won't soon forget!


Moonshine, Money, and Memories – 3 Days in Portugal!

Hello Beautiful People! Today I published my 'Being Gay in Spain & Portugal' vlog; but there was a lot said that got edited out, and I wanted to provide a space for some juicy bits of information that often get left out of an artsy, sensationalised travel vlog.  Like how much did this YouTuber actually [...]

Why Do I Talk About Sex On the Internet?

I sometimes get asked or confronted about my desire to, albeit very occasionally, discuss sex on a public format, be that my channel or LGBT+ media. Is it for views? A fetish of mine? Some debaucherous attempt at dismantling the purity in this world? Family, especially, are concerned that discussing such topics publicly could affect [...]

So You Call Yourself A YouTuber?

Hello Beautiful People! I never really thought twice about saying I was a YouTuber. But then, one day, someone, rather spontaneously confessed that they thought me a shallow individual, purely on the basis of that label. If I said I was a YouTuber, I must then also be a shallow fame-seeking money desperate beauty boy [...]

I Love My Trump-Voting Republicans

I'm a millennial gay liberal drag queen immigrant, and a proud member of the much hated 'snowflake' generation that the conservative right love to belittle. Most of those within similar circles to me are very quick and happy to label Trump, his followers, and all conservative individuals in general as the enemy - a group [...]