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#proudtobeme.pngHello beautiful people! My name’s Bradley. I’m a 22 year old activist, digital content creator, and performer. I’ve been performing on stages and behind cameras as an actor, drag artist, presenter, and musician for years.

There’s only two things I really care about in life: facilitating change in the world and interacting with people while doing it. For now that takes the form of a video a week for my YouTube channel and a regularly updated blog where I share my story, the stories of others, and open up the floor to discussions on topics important to me.

My YouTube content ranges from travel, to lifestyle, to music, but I’ve been told that my unique selling point is “intellectual discourse” and at the risk of seeming pretentious, I couldn’t be prouder of that!

I was recently named one of Wales most influential LGBT+ people on the 2018 Pinc List produced by Wales Online and Pride Cymru — and I was pretty surprised and honoured. Right now I’m working as a creative freelancer and performer, including creating regular short form content for BBC Wales. Please get in touch if you’d like to book me for anything or have any enquiries! Details on what I’m available to be booked for are listed on the contact page. I’m constantly in need of work. Thanks for reading and caring about my life! Another good way to keep up with me is to follow me on twitter, instagram, and facebook, and subscribe to this blog!

~ The world’s a noisy place. Make your words count! ~

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