Moonshine, Money, and Memories – 3 Days in Portugal!

Hello Beautiful People!

Today I published my ‘Being Gay in Spain & Portugal’ vlog; but there was a lot said that got edited out, and I wanted to provide a space for some juicy bits of information that often get left out of an artsy, sensationalised travel vlog. IMG_20180713_192659_473

Like how much did this YouTuber actually pay to get there? How can they afford to travel like this? Bunch of rich twats showing off their money on camera! Haha I know I have these sentiments watching other YouTubers online and feeling, admittedly, a tad resentful sometimes that they can travel so much and I so rarely can.

But there’s more than just money – sometimes I just want to live in the moment, and little stories and experiences don’t make it onto camera.

Like when my friend Theo’s Grandpa suggested we ask for a shot of Medronhos, a strawberry Portuguese moonshine. The bartender herself warned us about taking them and said we had to make sure we downed it all in one. She warned us each individually, but we went ahead – and sure enough we were tipsy off a single shot, which resulted in this iconic photo!IMG_20180714_180537_251

It’s memories like these that are fun, and worth mentioning, but are also cheapened by being captured on camera. Like was it genuine? Or just for views?

I like to live my life in the now, which often gets in the way of vlogging good content. So I find the middle ground. I’ll make a video, create something I find aesthetically pleasing and adventurous, and write about the rest!

So lets move on to the money bit. I purchased my tickets on the Monday night the week of my departure, and I left on Thursday – so because I didn’t buy the tickets in advance, the fee was way up. Fortunately I travelled on smaller airlines to smaller airports, however, which saved money. I flew from Cardiff Airport to Faro Airport for £172 round trip – which isn’t bad considering the last minute planning!

I bought the trip on PayPal credit (not sponsored) where, on purchases of £150 or more, you get 4 months of interest free credit, which is pretty cool! I don’t have a lot of money right now due to the irregular nature of my work, so it made a big difference for me.

The cool thing about Portugal, and frankly all of mainland Europe, is that prices are much lower in general – so the biggest concern you really have is the flight and accommodation. Luckily I was able to stay with friends, so I didn’t have to worry about accommodation – and train trips in Portugal are on average FOUR EUROS!!!! How crazy is that? Train trips easily surpass £100 in the UK. Not to mention food and alcohol is generally much cheaper as well, depending on where you go.


In the end I spent, in complete totality, £223.21 including flights! So that was £51 not including flights, which is pretty crazy cheap all things considered. Some of the meals were provided by our hosts, as well, which goes into it. But the moral of the story is that if you have friends around the world, travelling becomes infinitely more affordable! And I couldn’t recommend it more!

So 3 days isn’t a long time to spend in a foreign country on holiday, but I definitely feel we made the most of the trip. I came a little earlier than my friends, so my first day I explored the beaches of Faro, Portugal. Then the second day we went off to Ayamonte, Spain, which is right on the border between Spain and Portugal. Now even though this was only a 20 minute drive, crossing the border jumped us forward an hour – and after exploring the city we realised how hungry we were. Unfortunately for us, the Spanish had just hit siesta – and try as we might not a single place would sell us food!

So in the end, we had to travel all the way back to Portugal just to get a meal. Luckily it was just a hop over a ferry back across the border, and we found some great traditional paellas! We then headed back to where we were staying and went for a cool swim before adventuring on our moonshine experience!

37346149_1769565636426108_6716356994334195712_nThe following day we spent at a secluded beach with an old fort erected to repel pirates and invaders. It was a truly magical experience – although we went the wrong way at one point and ended up walking for two hours along occasionally rough terrain in the beating down sun on our way to Cabana; which has resulted in some very bizarre patches of tan! But it was an adventure, and worth every minute! We even found this super cool boat!

Then, sadly, the trip was over as soon as it started; but it was a truly spectacular trip and I’m already itching to go back to Spain and Portugal one day!

Thanks for following me on this little adventure, and if you haven’t yet, watch the video here!

If you have any questions, why not leave them in the comments? And subscribe to this blog to get notified whenever I make a new post!

Yours Truly,

Bradley Birkholz


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