Why Do I Talk About Sex On the Internet?

I sometimes get asked or confronted about my desire to, albeit very occasionally, discuss sex on a public format, be that my channel or LGBT+ media.

Is it for views? A fetish of mine? Some debaucherous attempt at dismantling the purity in this world?

Family, especially, are concerned that discussing such topics publicly could affect potential career prospects, and even my reputation in general – but I do have my reasons, and none of them are because of the above assumptions.

Some deem such activity clearly a dig for views and attention – and I won’t deny that my sex related discussions have been some of my more popular online content. But when I look at what I want to make in terms of content on YouTube, I don’t actually tend to look at what’s trending or what is the most queried on the platform (although I probably should). If I did much of my content would probably be shallow reactions to famous pop artists’ music videos.

IMG_0361.pngGay sex is actually an old topic on YouTube – I’m not the first to address it, nor is it a trending subject matter. The platform is now filled with LGBT+ creators, and quite a few explicit bedroom topics relating to our community have already been covered in some way or another. So I look at what hasn’t been covered, and specifically what insights I can bring to a conversation that either isn’t being had, or is a conversation that I can contribute something fresh to.

Personal story is a great example of that. Lots of people have given their coming out stories, for instance, but there’s still room for lots more; because every person’s story is their own, and when we share our life on the internet we can, potentially, help connect and inspire those with journey’s similar to our own – or simply those who want to empathise with another’s shoes.

When it comes to gay sex, although it has been covered extensively online, there’s still a lot of gaps that are missing in the discussion – and when I explore the world of gay sex education online (and by that I don’t mean porn), I don’t see my views or perspective represented.

I see a community that only considers certain types of male-on-male interaction to be sex, and that defines virginity wildly different from my own definition. A world of tops and bottoms; a world of limited perspectives on a vast and complex sexuality. And that is why I feel the need to interject with my own voice and contribute to the conversation.

As it happens I actually often lose audience over my videos and posts on the topic, because many find it offensive – but I’ll continue to address matters I want to address in as intellectual and open a matter as I can.

It is my sincere belief that dismantling taboos surrounding sex discussions can only benefit society – as we advocate for safer sex, diminish STD’s, and create a freer and happier culture: in and out of the bedroom.

And if you’re reading this and you don’t care for my sex education, please stick around for the majority of my content that isn’t! Or, on the flip side, if you love my sex education, please let me know if there’s any topics I have yet to cover that you’d love to see on the channel!

And finally, [explicit warning], here’s my latest sex education video, which you can watch now on my channel!





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