An End to an Episode

22045906_631783297209718_1476909031104575656_nI’ve been a website owner for years now, and I loved fidgeting with their many features and gadgets – but the time has come for a more professional front to my creative online presence, and unfortunately just isn’t that (not to mention they’re expensive, and I could only afford the free version).

It’s somewhat sad saying goodbye to my old blog, and I have decided not to import my old posts into my new blog – but it’s also exciting because I get to create all new content on a new platform, and my old blog was terribly outdated! Quite possibly the most exciting thing of all is finally getting to use, and saying goodbye to! However if you ever want to check out my old blog, all the posts are still there (see previous link), I just won’t be updating it any longer, and the rest of the website is gone. I hope you guys are as excited as me to start this new journey. Be sure to subscribe for new posts!

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